Theresa Shum

Theresa Shum

Currently, I make sculptural and functional work in ceramics. I will be delving into photography and writing more. I enjoy exploring and observing the minutiae of each moment and implementing that into what work I create. The transience of an experience is a concept that intrigues me and I attempt to include it in thefinishing of the piece.

  • Background

    I grew up on Oahu and first got into clay in 9th grade after turning down SO
    (symphony orchestra) at Moanalua High School. It has been a much more
    cathartic, introspective process for me than repetitively playing a score
    numerous times in an hour to only perfect it imperfectly. I originally played the viola in middle school having went into it to follow my older sister's footsteps. I later realized it wasn't for me and found myself making sure I got my hands, elbows, and hair all clayed up. Another creative process intrinsic value is naturally found in for me is writing with and without music playing the background. I can go on and on and on on this stuff. I'll keep it at that for now. 

  • Info


    ceramics, creative writing





    Honolulu, HI. 96701