Nick Schleicher

Nick Schleicher

Nick Schleicher’s work is rooted in a formalist interest in painting and sculpture inspired by personal experiences with cosmology, nostalgia, science fiction, and popular culture. His most recent body of work, titled Colors in Space, trends towards his interest in investigating color field painting. The process driven method of pulling and stacking layers of semi transparent acrylic glazes build worlds of suspended color. These highly saturated and sometimes highly reflective color fields bring to mind images of celestial bodies or surfaces of futuristic megaliths through their use of neon colors and iridescent buffs. The reflective nature of the works are meant to celebrate their surroundings. Activated as the audience moves around the paintings, the color fields catch reflections in their uneven surfaces and merge those surroundings with the work itself, creating a dialogue with the viewer in that unique moment in time and space. Finally, each works title is an obscured references to the specific inspirations behind the chosen color palette used for the work. Following a format loosely based on the way celestial bodies are named, these titles contain stories and experiences significant to the artist but left unspecified to the viewer. 
    Most recently, Schleicher has been exploring the idea of display through painted shelves on which additional paintings sit. The shelving units transcend their utilitarian function and challenge the concept of “display,” as Schleicher experiments with the potential of paintings as objects and vice versa. 

  • Background

    Nick Schleicher (b. 1988) received a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2011 where he focused on painting and sculpture. His work ranges from color field abstractions focused on the process of painting as informed by astronomical imagery to sculptural forms inspired by domestic display.

    Recent solo exhibitions include Monaco, Saint Louis, MO; Grease 3, Saint Louis, MO; PLAQUE at Granite City Art & Design District, Granite City, IL; Hoffman LaChance Contemporary, Saint Louis, MO; and The Millitzer Gallery, Saint Louis, MO.  Selected group exhibitions at The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis; Whitney Houston Biennial 2 at Julius Caesar, Chicago, IL; The Luminary, Saint Louis, MO; and Aupuni Space, Honolulu, HI.

    Nick also co-hosts the visual arts podcast cool WIP with Silver Space STL founder Marina May. cool WIP is a bi-weekly podcast of conversations with artists, curators, gallery owners/operators, and anyone interested in creative pursuits. Check out cool WIP on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

    He currently splits his time living and working between Saint Louis, MO and Honolulu, HI.

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