Nanea Lum

Nanea Lum

I am a process based painter, I am a Hawaiian kapa maker, lauhala weaver, and block printer. I make paintings using the interactions of earth and surface, and the cultivation of traditional materials and resource management in Hawai'i. My paintings address the concept of aloha 'āina; facilitating a consciousness of land that is a feedback system of love, and respect for the body, and the environment. 
My current work is in:  paintings that are in process of leading each other though process of making kapa. My creative philosophy is that materials and methods have languages that we as cultural beings must learn. The processes of learning from doing, and making re-connects the body, and the mind to experience, and grounds knowledge to sustainable practices with resources. Kapa making is a traditional cloth making practice that cultivates Hawaiian knowledge of indigenous plants into art form. 

  • Background

    I am a Hawaiian artist from Kahalu'u, O'ahu. I participate in as may community organized events as I can. My art is a reflection of the many things I do in life such as growing Hawaiian plants, learning to make kapa, standing in resistance on desecrated lands such as Mauna Kea, and Kahoolawe. I am a current University of Hawai'i Art and Art History Graduate Student. Upcoming, I am planning shows in Honolulu for the year 2021. I am a participating artist for POW! WOW! Hawaii and host workshops in block printing with Lāhui Block printing i 'oleo Hawai'i.  

  • Info


    Painting, Fiberwork, Printmaking, Writing






    Honolulu, HI 96825