StephC Art

StephC Art

I am a self taught 3D artist. I am still new to it so I am always learning and hopefully always improving. I have an interest in creating games but also enjoy making animations and scenes for entertainment. Being able to see objects and scenes from any angle helps you immerse yourself in it and feel like part that world. As for 3d printing, I enjoy being able to make whatever I think of. I prefer to make things that are both practical and fun like pencil holders and planters. I also try to model things that I love such as animals and food. I try to do progressively more difficult projects to force myself to learn and improve my skills. And if it's an interesting idea, why not try to make it?
  • Background

    When I first started art, I was interested in 2D art (watercolor, markers, etc.) I started 3D art because my brother was going to make games and needed art assets. I watched many tutorials and spent hours reading forums to learn how to use the software. The love of 3d art soon led me to purchasing my first 3d printer. I am now able to turn the ideas in my head into tangible objects. I've also started using resin as I am able to create custom molds for it using the 3d prints. Another goal I have is to improve my speaking and editing skills by creating YouTube videos showing the process creating the 3d prints and resin.

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    3D modeling, 3D animation, 3D printing, resin




    Honolulu, HI 96826