Cyber Bunny

Cyber Bunny

A bridge between Japanese & American culture 


Best known for "Hiragana Song" on YouTube, Cyber Bunny is an online personality who teaches Japanese language and culture to all ages who have a genuine interest in Japan and are eager to learn more through music and entertainment. Her content includes basic Japanese lessons on YouTube, comedy skits demonstrating Japanese behavior on Tik Tok and snapshots/stories of life in Japan on Instagram. Her aesthetic is mixing traditional kimono wear with a modern Harajuku twist. 

  • Background

    Born and raised in Hawaii, but now living in Tokyo since 2019. She has two pet bunnies, Bianco and Milano. Her speciality is video production, photography, singing anime songs and wearing kimono. 


  • Info


    Teaching, ESL, Video editing, Influencer


    youtube channel





    Honolulu, HI 96819