Marissa Islas-Chavarria

Marissa Islas-Chavarria

My art consists a lot of paintings, sculptural paintings and drawings. Most recently, I have also begun to make shoe art. I am inspired by the energy within and around me. Art is therapy, release of energy and creativity, and love. I try my hardest to create by those standards. I am a big believer in making mistakes and letting those mistakes teach and guide me in both art and life. Following that belief has made me a better  artist and a stronger person.

  • Background

    I am Marissa Islas-Chavarria. Born and raised in Los Angeles County, moved to Hawaii at age 23. As a child, my mom put me in art classes at an art studio near the house. There I began my affair with the arts. I strayed away for a bit but rekindled my love and passion for creating in high school and college. I am now a collegiate student majoring in Studio and Fine Arts.

  • Info



    Painting, drawing, 3D art






    Honolulu, HI 96734