Lisa Asagi

Lisa Asagi

I see my work as a collaboration with the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and time. 

This is visually apparent in my current work with clay and watercolor painting.  I can trace its origins however to my earliest projects in the mediums of hand-processed super8 film and sound. 

Even less apparent is the integral role this form of collaboration plays in my main medium - story.  Though formally trained as a poet, my earliest and primary literary influences are National Geographic, encyclopedias, atlases, and bedtime stories.  How do we share the meaning that we feel? 

How do we understand the experience of others through listening with all of our senses?  

What inspires me is the growing possibility of living and creating more collaboratively with fellow creatures of all kinds.

Work I am creating through Isla of the Wild, the design component of my art and conservation studio, can be found at Asagi Hatchery, Fishcake Hawaii, The Cove Collection, and KOBO Seattle.

  • Background

    I was born on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian archipelago. I grew up above my familyʻs chick hatchery in the Kalihi Kai.  Interwoven in the story and fabric of my family are strands of forest folk, fisher folk, farmers, artisans, shrine keepers, shop keepers, a mason (who sculpted figures of goddesses with leftover black asphalt), and a long lost calligrapher.   

    Originally schooled as a poet, my adventures have taken me into the realms of visual art, literature, film, independent media, live art, community-based local food systems project design, and supporting the development of wildlife conservation projects.  

    After years of living in San Francisco, London, and Palolo Valley Iʻve returned to our little hatchery in Kalihi Kai. 

  • Info


    Ceramic, Sculpture, Writing, Painting, Filmmaking






    Honolulu, HI. 96819