khstudio hawaii

khstudio hawaii

KH Studio makes and produces her own recipes for organic skincare with selected ingredients from her garden and combined with essential oils.  He vision of skincare should be simple and effective.

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    Established in 2015.



    Three years ago, almost 65, I started to notice my body was changing. My hair was dry, my skin was also dry and more wrinkles.  I was begin going to drugstores and beauty counters for search for  soaps that won't dry out my skin and moisturizers that was not oily or caked on feeling.  I didn't like the result from most of the products I tried.  The soaps felt waxy from the additives used to prevent from melting and lip balms also felt waxy and tasted like petroleum or unnaturally flavored. 


    I was always drawn to natural health and remedies as long as I can remember, so I began my journey to create a skincare product that can agree with me. Tested using herbs from my garden for making tincture and infused oil, purchasing selected ingredients from local health food store and online and adding scents from my aroma therapy collection.  I pursued to creating a product that was very simple to use, organic, and will bring pleasure to my daily caring for my own skin routine.

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    Skincare, Tea Ceremony Arts




    Honolulu, HI