Kat Kazlauskas

Kat Kazlauskas

My current work seeks to examine the entanglements of our social, emotional, and psychological relationships to Climate Change. I am interested in how first world societies deal with excess and over-consumption in the name of convenience. Since moving to O‘ahu in 2017, I have seen first-hand what our plastic over-consumption means on a much more frequent basis. The eastern and northern beaches of Hawai‘i are particularly susceptible to the inundation of ocean plastics. While most of my current work utilizes the found plastics polluting our oceans and addresses the severity of the problem, I also strive to make visible the connections that bind us over borders, boundaries, and oceans. Be it climate change, geopolitics, production, consumption, distribution, or waste management failures, the world is getting smaller and the knots are getting tighter as these global issues entangle us collectively in emotional and psychological storms. I am interested in the question of whether we can utilize these structural entanglements to create a stronger web of support and demand for policy change around the globe instead of strangling ourselves in systemic failures.

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    Kat Kazlauskas' work currently focuses on collected materials washed up on the shores of O‘ahu. Consistent with prior practice, she stresses upon material transformation through repetitive manipulation, demarcating a space where it is mutated but not yet completely transformed or destroyed. She works to locate the place where new patterns emerge, accidents happen, and imperfection becomes a source of illumination and allure. Born and raised in California, Kat received her BFA from UC Berkeley with a concurrent BA in Rhetoric. She relocated to O‘ahu in 2017 to pursue an MFA at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.

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    Assemblage, Glasswork, Woodwork, Metal fabrication, Entanglement








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