Jana Purington

Jana Purington

I work primarily with textiles and collage. Through my embroidered pieces, I've working through my relationship with language and my perceived lack of control over it - I join the letters of the titles of my pieces into a continuous, illegible pattern to reflect how I feel I am unable to clearly communicate with words. I've also started to experiment with different recycled materials - such as foil butter wrappers and plastic bread bags - to combat creation as consumptive process as I turn these cast off items into wearable pieces. My collages also use recycled materials, I think of these as the jokes I tell myself..

  • Background

    I've always been a maker. Even as a child, I always needed something to do with my hands and that drive has persisted. In 2016 I graduated from Linfield College in Oregon with a double major in English and art and have since returned home to Hawaii. I am currently the production manager for Foterra Jewelry, but am constantly working on my own projects after hours.

  • Info


    Embroidery, collage, fiber art, sewing, drawing, painting








    Kailua, HI 96734