Jake Boggs

Jake Boggs

My work is a reflection of my curiosities, a synthesis of past and present. My process distills topics from the arts, sciences, and humanities, breaks them down into a visual language and imbues these signs onto the surface of volumetric forms. Ceramic artifacts are commonly used to identify past cultures, dating back many thousands of years. After time and the elements erased these ancient peoples, the ceramic remained unchanged. Without the lasting quality of ceramic, humanity would have lost much of its ancestral knowledge. I am drawn to the idea that my work will out live my own body, my family, my culture, and that the art, in the far distant future, will serve as a reminder of this time and place.

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    Jake Boggs is the Ceramics Studio Coordinator at the Donkey Mill Art Center in Hōlualoa Hawai’i. He holds a Bachelors of Fine Art degree from Eastern Kentucky University and Masters of Fine Art degree from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. His interest in ceramics has taken him to the Ecuadorian Amazon, Jingdezhen City “The Birthplace of Porcelain”, Jeju Island in South Korea, and his home culture in Appalachia where he sources traditional and contemporary forms as creative influence. He exhibits his work widely across the United States, and keeps an active and evolving studio practice on. His interest in the ceramic arts as well as education propel him forward in shaping the local ceramics community.

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    Ceramic, Geography, Teaching








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