Ittai Wong

Ittai Wong

I am a polymath and make a little bit of everything! I create handmade wood burned art on wooden canvases, oil paintings, had cut lauhala textile based typography and imagery displayed in floating glass frames, pop culture based artwork, graphic design, and textile clothing. I am inspired by 90's cartoons, hip-hop and social justice pedagogy, traditional Hawaiian practitioners, local culture in the islands, and multidisciplinary artistic mediums including visual, dance, performance, literature, and music.

  • Background

    My name is Ittai Wong and I am born and raised in Kailua. I have always been an artist and performer. I was the kid in elementary school, drawing and writing friends' names for their notebooks, entertaining and making kids laugh with jokes and little skits. As a creative, I am most interested in visual art mediums in painting, sculpture, wall art and textile. I am an accomplished Poet and international spoken word artist with published work and performances showcased on Broadway, HBO, and TED.

  • Info


    Wood burning, canvas work, painting, lauhala frames, graphic design, typography






    Kailua, HI 96734