Ichiko Haberlin

Ichiko Haberlin

I make paintings that relates to current issues such as climate change, Fukushima Nuclear Explosions and Hasidim.  My creative philosophy is painting something relates to my surrounding and reaction to what's happening in our post post-modern life.  

  • Background

    I encountered Hasidic Jews for the first time when I visited Brooklyn, New York in 2014.  Seeing them in the streets uniformly dressed in black clothing made me feel as if they possessed some special power.  Human is the only species that can choose our appearance.  While many try to be unique in our appearance, Hasidim choose to be the same everyday, the same as each other, 365 days a year, year after year.  
    The expression of their faces, sharpened by their identical black clothing, becomes more vivid and powerful, serving as a reminder that each human face is unique.

  • Info


    Painting, Drawing






    Honolulu, HI 96797