Himesama Mangabento Bento

Himesama Mangabento Bento

MangaBento is an anything-goes gathering of artists and art lovers based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Most of us are interested in Japan and anime/manga and its derivatives: Cosplay, doujinshi, computer art, gaming, etc.
We at MangaBento provide a place for artists to share ideas, create work, and learn new skills. We can introduce you to the basic tools and techniques used by artists, but it is up to you to develop and train yourself as an artist.


We have regular meetings, usually at the Honolulu Museum of Art and often have a table at Manga and comic oriented conventions.

  • Background

    In 2004 we started doing art and cosplay contests.It started as a "how to" workshop focusing on skills used by mangaka to like drawing, inking, and toning.

    In 2008 we had our first exhibit, "Okonomi". Since then exhibits have been the culmination of our year. We have exhibited at: The Honolulu Museum of Art; The Contemporary Museum (Spalding House); Honolulu Hale with Comic Jam Hawaii; Kaimuki High School; Duty Free Shoppers and Louis Pohl Gallery with the Honolulu Printmakers; Aiea Library; and the 100th Battalion Clubhouse.

    We continue to do workshops and other events:

    Murals for Fire Prevention Week with the Honolulu Fire Department

    Workshops with: Japanese Culture Center, Kawaiikon, Honolulu Festival, Bishop Museum, The Honolulu Museum of Art, Barnes and Noble, Aiea Library, and other community events.

  • Info


    Drawing, painting, cosplay, multimedia, digitalmedia, photography, etc.








    Honolulu, HI 96818