Ava Fedorov

Ava Fedorov

I am interested in breaking through the perceived boundaries of 2D media and using new, exploratory techniques to broaden my knowledge of image making and deepen the impact of my storytelling. Conceptually, my studio practice is focused around the connective space between the landscapes of the external and of the internal, and how climate change and other anthropocentric phenomena are affecting those spaces and that connection. These landscapes are more than mere topographical geographies: they are the overlaid arrangements of non-human and human life, translucent histories, and the physical tracings of space-time. They are intricately and indelibly woven into every aspect of the world as we know it, haunting our memories alongside our visions of the future.

  • Background

    I was born in the middle of the woods deep in Upstate New York to parents who are both artists. I have always been active in visual arts and writing, but studied filmmaking fine art as an undergraduate at Bard College. After graduating, I moved to New York City, where I ended up working in magazines first as a graphic designer and then also as an editor and writer. After taking a break to circumnavigate the globe, I returned to school and got my Master of Art in Illustration. Soon after, I moved to Hawaii, drawn to the mesmerizing beauty of the land and ocean, and the inherent connection people here have to their environment.


  • Info


    Painting, Drawing, Installation, Video, Creative Writing(Fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction), Journalism, Graphic design








    Honolulu, HI 96813