Arts Hermetica

Arts Hermetica

 I believe in handmade, slow-made works that bring value to this world.  I don't want to create mass-produced things.  I believe made objects inherit part of the maker.  Hence, if things are produced in a non-thinking, soul-less factory or in a bad environment, that energy is transmitted to the object which is why we do not value most things.  If we create thoughtfully we make the world a better place, one object at a time.

  • Background

    I grew up in Los Angeles, CA.  My first love was doing fieldwork in the Mojave desert, studying desert tortoises and plants, but it was not meant to be.  The beauty of the desert was truly what inspired me to go out there in the first place, and the practical side of me told me that desert ecology was a dying field that was being replaced by microbiology and genetics.  After working in the lab for a few years, I grew disenfranchised and one day abruptly left.  I decided to pursue my other passion: art.  For well on a decade, I pursued various artistic disciplines and found a love for medieval manuscripts while working at a library.  I think I have been unwittingly acquiring various skills related to manuscript work – however, each discipline has led me down another rabbit hole.  I don’t mind; I go where life takes me.

    I found work in a jewelry studio in Honolulu and stayed for roughly ten years.  Although their studio is more commercial than not, it triggered in me a desire to learn how to manipulate metal. Outside of work, I found teachers willing to share their knowledge.   I also decided that I could no longer stomach working in a commercial setting as I felt my creative energies were exhausted by the time I sat down to do my own work.  During that time, I found an escape in the online world of Final Fantasy 14.

    In Final Fantasy 14, as in many video games, there is a leveling system.  Everyone in that world starts off as a level 1 adventurer.  As you play, you gain experience, and eventually, you become an end gamer at level 70 (currently).  After escaping to this world for a few years, it dawned on me that it was a great system of thought.  At some point, we are all level 1 at something, but that with each quest (or project), we gain experience and level up.  This one thought has helped me to finally set up my business, apply for shows, and push me to do things that are sometimes uncomfortable.  As such, I am and always will be in development.  In this life, is there such a thing as an end gamer?

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    shippoyaki, linocut printmaking, sewing, jewelry





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