Andrew Binkley

Andrew Binkley

Through exploring a variety of media and approaches, Andrew Binkley uncovers and examines our notions of time and stages of transformation towards awakening and letting go.  Binkley’s work acts as a reflection on the relationship of arising and passing away, as well as our own relationship with impermanence, by inviting a shift into acceptance and appreciation.

  • Background

    Andrew Binkley is an American artist based on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. He attended the Kansas City Art Institute, but left to live throughout China, which eventually led to his ordaining as a Buddhist monk in Thailand for several years.  Since leaving monastic life, Binkley has devoted himself to the practice of art and exhibited internationally with The Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan), the Downtown Film Festival (Los Angeles), the Queens Museum of Art (New York), Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art (China), and the Honolulu Biennial (Honolulu).

  • Info


    Photography, Social Performaning Arts, Visual Installions, Sculptures




    Honolulu, HI