Allison Shadday

Allison Shadday

I make encaustic art using wooden cradles as my base then adding from 30-50 layers of pigmented hot wax. Each layer is fused with a blowtorch. I finish my pieces with pigmented shellac that is set on fire to create a webbed effect. My work ranges in size and can be scaled up to 36 x 36 inches.

  • Background

    After seeing my first encaustic art about a year ago in Seattle WA, I was obsessed with learning the technique. Returning to Hawaii, I took a six week course at the HONOLULU Academy of Art. I then started taking online courses and recently attended a week long intensive workshop in Seattle. My work is being sold at the Hula Moon in Kailua. I was just accepted into the Haleiwa Arts Festival and will display my work there July 13 &  14 2019. In 1998 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I learned of a treatment method that entailed stinging myself with live honey bees twenty times a day. We raised bees and I came to love everything about honey bees. This is why I was so moved when I saw my first wax encaustic art. Working with this natural medium of bee wax and damar resin feels grounding. Fusing with the blow torch adds a physical dimension to the work that is thrilling.

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    Encaustic hot wax medium mixed with oil paint and pigmented shellac






    Honolulu, HI 96734