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We noticed a lack of connection between the community and local creatives.  Our mission is to enhance the creative community, as well as, share our passion and support to the public.

E-MERGE COLLECTIVE is a supportive, member driven organization that provides support to local creatives, makers, artisans, and manufacturers. Our mission is to create a web based platform to enhance the opportunity for creatives to grow and redefine the way the community can engage and be involved.

E-MERGE will organize workshops, events, consulting, social media exposure, networking, e-commerce development, project developing and more to create sustainability and gain visibility.

We provide consultation and supportive resources to help creatives succeed



Janis Lee

Social Coordinator and Founder

Born and raised in the heart of Honolulu. In 2017, Janis founded E-MERGE COLLECTIVE, a web based platform to enhance the visibility for creatives and provides creatives a monthly social event to share and thrive.  She also has an art background from UHM and is determined to create the missing link between emerging and established creatives in Hawai'i. 


Creative Visual Storytelling 

A brother-sister team are co-founders of IN MEDIAS REZ, a media company based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. In medias res is a Latin literary term that means ‘into the midst of things,’ or ‘starting the beginning of a story right in the middle of action.’
They specialize in brand narrative videos, ethos strategy, and transformative storytelling.​


Interior Design + Furniture Showroom + Art Gallery​

A concept store and designer showroom that morphs with the times, fishcake has seen clothing and vintage pop-ups, events, classes, exhibits and even a co-working space and a coffee kiosk. our tag line is furniture, accessories and art for the home. Their first love is contemporary design and artwork by designers, artists and makers of hawaiʻi. as our economy shifts, we look forward to a period of activity where we can help inspire beauty, simplicity, and yes, fun in our living environments..


OUR Sponsors
da Shop:
books + curiosities

A community bookstore and event space

The store concept, opening in Kaimuki, is the perfect community bookstore destination. The stylish Shop features a rotating list of well-known Hawai‘i and Oceania classics, an award-winning catalog of children's literature, juvenile/young adult books, along with the best-selling national and international titles. Additional offerings include a select list of local, national, and international journals, magazines, and quarterlies.


Aupuni Space

Contemporary Art: Made in Hawai'i

Aupuni Space opened in February 2018. An initiative of the Puʻuhonua Society and TRADES A.i.R, Aupuni Space supports community based projects and exhibitions that feature Native Hawaiian and Hawaiʻi based contemporary artists.
SPF Projects was based out of our location from 2013-2015.


Hawai'i's first Co-Work Space


BoxJelly is a coworking space which services monthly memberships, as well as meeting & event space reservations for members and non-members alike.

More than just an office or business center, BoxJelly thrives from the interactions that its members have with one another and the space. The emphasis on community helps to foster a collaborative environment, from which innovation is bred.