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Join your local creative community in Hawai'i. Whether you've been in the field for years or are just starting out, we offer support and advice to our entire community.


Our collaborative efforts create a stronger bond in a limited resource pool like Hawai'i. Share your skills and talents where it can redefine the creative industry.


Enhance your social wealth and belong to a growing creative movement. We seek to emerge a new wave of projects.


Practice the art of shared economy. Share the presence of E-MERGE as if it were your own.

E-Merge is FREE to join. Please fill in the form below to create your profile for "Creatives" directory or to become a member. Note: We prefer that you have some background based in Hawai'i but exceptions can be made.

Please select one or more creative mediums that you specialize in.

i.e. make a personal website, get into more events, meet more creatives, document my projects, set up my business etc...

i.e. What do you make? What inspires you? What is your creative philosophy?

i.e. Who are you? How did you get started? What is your creative background?

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